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Dakar Portraits, 2013

Dakar Portraits, 2013:

Visit my new series of portraits from Dakar, Senegal, on my Home Photography Gallery page, and meet (again) some of the most talented young graffiti artists, photographers, streetwear designers and  bloggers in Dakar’s new generation.



My Mother’s Hands

A souvenir from a recent visit to my Mother in Cleveland.  A 97-year-old computer whiz, she knits, plays bridge, and keeps up with fashion.  She taught me how to knit when I was 5.

Portraits, Summer in San Francisco

Portraits, Summer in San Francisco

Please take a look at my new portrait portfolio in the Photography Gallery.  Summer in  San Francisco, a time to explore the plays of light and shadow, a time for people (including cats), to express the many sides of their selves.

The two H's learning the hip hop moves, Dakar, April, 2013.

Dakar Portraits, Spring, 2013

Please check out the new portraits from Dakar, Spring, 2013, on my Photography Gallery Page.

Graffiti Arist Mad Zoo Fall at Dakar Festigraff

Dakar Graffiti Festival “Festigraff,” April, 2013

Please visit my new web page on Dakar’s extraordinary graffiti festival (link on sidebar menu).  This fourth annual Festigraff, shows that the passionately devoted “graffeurs” have richly deserved the hard-won  reputation of Dakar’s unique street art scene as  equal to that of New York or Paris for its creative originality and social activism.  Unlike graffiti artists in other countries, they are welcomed in Dakar.  They see themselves and others see them as a civic movement actively cleaning up and beautifing the disintegrating environment of their beloved Dakar.  Their mission is to educate and motivate their fellow Dakarois to do the same.